Senator Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan was sworn in as Alaska’s eighth United States Senator on January 6, 2015.  Sullivan serves on four Senate committees vital to Alaska: the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; the Armed Services Committee; the Environment and Public Works Committee; and the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. 

As a champion for Alaskan fishermen, Sullivan has fought relentlessly to strengthen the fishing industry through expanding markets and bolstering marine sustainability. Since coming into office, Sullivan has passed two major pieces of marine debris legislation, obtained a permanent exemption from the vessel incidental discharge regulations, increased enforcement and international cooperation against illegal fishing, closed a loophole that allowed foreign caught fish to be served in the National School Lunch Program, pushed for an Alaskan to lead the National Marine Fisheries Services, secured tens of millions of dollars in relief for communities and fishermen impacted by fishery disasters, championed funding for fisheries surveys, stock assessments, and other critical marine and environmental research, and secured a provision that ensures all future trade agreements include fisheries as a primary negotiating objective. Sullivan’s work on recent North America and China trade agreements is expected to bring hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of increased demand for Alaska seafood.