ComFish Alaska 2023 – Day 2

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10 AM – 10:45AM
Title – Update from State of Alaska Fish and Game
Presenter – Doug Vincent Lang, Commissioner of Fish and Game
State of Alaska Fish & Game statewide update with the Commissioner of Fish and Game, Doug Vincent Lang
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11AM – 11:30AM
Title – Why You Should Have Insurance – Crew Injuries and Your Obligations as The Vessel Owner and Employer
Presenter – Svetlana Spivak
Vessel owner’s and employer’s exposure to liability for crewmember’s injury for negligence under the Jones Act and under the doctrine of unseaworthiness.  Obligation to pay maintenance and cure in the situations of injury and illness, and exposure to punitive damages for failure to do so.  The importance of record-keeping and injury reporting to defending vessel owners in the lawsuits brought by crewmembers (Family? Friends?) who they thought would never sue them (if I only had a dollar for every time, I heard that), but sued them three years later – when memories are faded and witnesses moved on. Limitation actions to protect your assets.  Vessel liens and impact on sale of the vessel.
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11:45AM – 12:15PM
Title – Common Sense Risk Management for the F/V Owner and/or Operator
Presenter – Elisabeth Rise
This presentation will focus on what we keep seeing as the cause of claims year after year, and what can be done to prevent them, thereby keeping individual vessel owner’s costs down, as well as the marine insurance industry as a whole. We will also discuss making sure you have adequate insurance, and what to do in the event an incident does happen.
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12:30PM – 1PM
Title – Alaska Salmon Price Report
Presenter – Bruce Schactler
Accessing the State of Alaska Department of Revenue Alaska Salmon Price Report; how to understand it and use it. Information will be provided on the various elements of the report and ways it can be interpreted by salmon harvesters.
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1:30PM – 2PM
Title – State Legislative Update
Presenters –Senator Gary Stevens & Representative Louise Stutes
State of Alaska Legislative Update from Senator Gary Stevens and Representative Louise Stutes
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2:15PM – 2:45PM
Title – Retirement Planning for Fisherman
Presenter – Tyler Wallace
Whether you are 10 or 40 years from retirement, you’ll learn investment strategies to help design the retirement you want. We’ll also discuss how you can add flexibility to your strategy to help you handle unexpected events and how you can keep your strategy on track. Your current situation, your vision for retirement, defining your goals, working toward your goals, taxes, preparing for the unexpected and staying on track.
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Title – How to Navigate the NPFMC Council Process & Alaska Board of Fish: Accessibility/Navigation for Fishermen
Presenters – Sara Cleaver & Julie Kavanaugh
Sara Cleaver (NPFMC staff) will provide a tutorial on the Council process in Alaska. This presentation will include navigating the meeting process and website, how to get involved, and recent and upcoming Council issues. The presentation will also include an overview of how groundfish stock assessments feed into the Council process. Sara will be available to answer questions.
Julie will speak on Alaska Board of Fish: Accessibility and Navigation for Fishermen
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