Nick Mangini

  • Nick Mangini

Nick has lived on and around the ocean for most of his life. Time on the water includes spending 20+ years as a fisherman covering the entirety of the west coast, in almost every fishery from the Bering Sea to California. Experience includes deck hand, engineer, deck boss and eventually captaining everything from fiberglass seiners to large steel boats. His attention turned to farming in 2016, as one of the first kelp farmers in Alaska. Over six years of operation, he has harvested over 800,000 pounds of kelp. Kelp and mariculture has become a mainstay in his life.

Nick has lived and raised his family in Kodiak for the past 20 years and seen the ups and downs in the fishing industry, and the potential mariculture can provide. Guiding the budding mariculture industry to become a sustainable source of opportunity is critically important to him. Nick continues to do what he can to advise and nurture fishermen, small businesses, investors, processors and product developers to take part in the industry, in hopes of forming a grass-roots foundation for an Alaskan-led mariculture industry.