Julie Kavanaugh

  • Julie Kavanaugh

Raised in Ketchikan Alaska, Julie moved to Kodiak Alaska in 1982. It was after graduation that she met her now husband and fisherman, Ron Kavanaugh. For the next five years, Julie seined for salmon as deck hand & skiff(man).

While working winters in a local flower shop, Julie received her master manager florist certificate and became a full time florist in 1990.

Julie has managed the operations and books for their family fishing business for the past 38 years. They now own three vessels: FV Sylvia Star, FV Insatiable, and the FV Western Star. A healthy and successful business is reliant on many things , but access and conservation are vital components. It is through engaging with the Alaska Board of Fish and the NPFMC, that Julie believes fishermen can influence and protect the fisheries resources they rely on.

Since 1995, Julie has participated in fisheries management processes. Currently she serves on the Kodiak Advisory Committee to Alaska Board of Fish & Game 2010-present (vice chair); NPFMC Fisheries Monitoring Advisory Committee 2019-present; the Partial Coverage FMAC 2019-present; and NPFMC Advisory Panel 2020-present. Julie was elected to the Kodiak Borough Assembly in 2017 and served through 2021.