ComFish Alaska 2023 – Day 3

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10AM – 10:30AM
Title – Federal Legislative Update
Presenter – Senator Dan Sullivan
Senator Dan Sullivan will give a Federal Legislative Update
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10:45AM – 11:15 AM
Title – Limited Entry Presentation
Presenters – Toby Sullivan, Executive Director of the Kodiak Maritime Museum
The talk, by Toby Sullivan, Executive Director of the Kodiak Maritime Museum, discusses Alaska’s Limited Entry Program within the historical context of “Tragedy of the Commons,” in which a finite public resource is over exploited by too many users. The talk includes graphs and images to explain how and why the Limited Entry program privatized access to Alaska’s salmon fisheries and what the results of it have been on Alaska’s fishermen. In a comparison to the LE program, the talk also discusses the Enclosure Acts in England which privatized the common lands of England several hundred years ago.
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11:30AM – 12PM
Title – Future of Kelp Mariculture in Alaska
Presenters – Melissa Good, Alaska Sea Grant Mariculture Specialist; Nick Mangini, SouthWest Alaska Municipal Conference/Kodiak Islands Sustainable Seaweed; & Lexa Meyers, University of Alaska Fairbanks/Alaska Ocean Farms/Alaska Ocean Farms, LLC
Three local mariculture excerpts will provide an overview of current statewide and regional mariculture efforts and discuss the future of kelp culture in Alaska. The panelist will discuss the coordination of workforce development and research across the state; regional success and barriers to entry; and targeted research to optimize kelp growth.
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